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Rental Property Management Services

property managementRealty Dimensions, Inc. other major task is the management of rental properties. This applies to both buildings with rental apartments and those with commercial / office space or both. Through professional and friendly on-site support, they create a pleasant living environment for your tenants and thus ensure a low fluctuation and vacancy rate for you. Should a tenant ever move out, their experienced team will be there for you and will take over the fast and targeted marketing and letting of the apartment in order to keep their financial loss as low as possible. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art software, they are always in a position to provide you with a transparent and traceable evaluation of the economic development of your property.

Some of the rental property management services are as follows:

General commercial management

  • Establishment and management of transparent and property-related accounting
  • Collection of operating costs and rent as well as management of funds in an open external account
  • Accounting, with annual billing as income / expenditure account and accounting with proof of the current account balance
  • Creating the annual business plan
  • Continuous optimization of management costs (benchmarking)
  • Storage of administrative documents
  • Preparing and concluding contracts with craftsmen and suppliers and monitoring their proper implementation.
  • Conclusion, changes and terminations, in particular termination of all necessary and appropriate contracts for the day-to-day administration of property.
  • Participation in legal transactions as a representative of the owner.

Technical Administration

  • House inspections and controls
  • Soliciting cost estimates and offers.
  • Conduct contract negotiations and award of orders
  • Carry out the necessary measures for the proper maintenance and repair of all other measures, including in urgent cases, to preserve the property
  • Monitoring of the agreed renovation and refurbishment measures
  • Monitoring and coordination with caretaker, cleaning service, winter service and gardens


  • Proper preparation of documentation at the end of the year for the tax consultant
  • The preparation of an annual statement until 30.09. the following year, as well as the preparation of the utility bill.
  • The accumulation of a peasants’ reserve must be made by the client.
  • If the contractor is responsible for the accumulation of the agricultural reserve, he must invest the appropriate amounts at least once a year at favorable interest rates.

Commercial Property Management