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Realty Dimensions is the best real estate agent in Bakersfield California that will help you to manage your properties with ease. We will offer the best services in Commercial property management and residential property management. We have the tools and professionals who you can trust and rely on. What makes us different from other real estate agents in Bakersfield California is that we manage all size of properties and we have professionals with enough experience who have been in the industry for a long time. We understand everything about the industry in Bakersfield and our clients always have peace of mind knowing everything will be done for them

Are you looking for an easy way to manage your rental or commercial properties? Although property management may seem an easy task, it is not as simple as that. With the current competition in the industry, you need to know the ins and outs for you to beat your competitors. There are many property owners in Bakersfield, California who are trying to market their properties and you will need to be well equipped for you to beat them. However, instead of struggling with all these you can decide to seek the help of a professional. A real estate property management agent will be well equipped, and they will do everything for you.

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Property Management

1. Reliable marketing and advertising

Advertising and marketing are essential to any industry. For your property to get filled with tenants and become profitable, you need to market them well. If you feel that you don’t have time or skills to advertise your rentals, then Reality Dimensions is here for you. We have experts who have enough knowledge and tools in marketing, and they will leave your properties filled up. We market you on high traffic websites and social media like Facebook.

2. Continuous communication

We understand how critical communication is as it will help you to make informed decisions and on time. We keep a continuous conversation about the progress of your property. We have a team that will keep you informed about the status of your portfolio no matter your location.
You don’t have to be around for you to get any information about the property. We will continuously inform you about Maintenance, vacancies, leasing, financial reports, and inspections. Our communications are online and secure so that the information we share will not get linked to any other person. Get all that you want to know about your property in the comfort of your computer.

3. Tenant selection

As a property owner, not everybody who comes looking for a house you have to let. You need to do a thorough screening when selecting your tenants so that you don’t allow criminals or people with bad credit history as you may end up with more problems. We help you to choose the best tenants as we will check on their credit history, criminal records, and any other checkup that may be required by the law before giving them a place in your property.

4. On time rent collection

At Realty Dimensions we know how late rent payment can inconvenience you and that why we try to make sure you get it on time. Our collections are very timely as we have unique and reliable ways of collecting without offending the tenants. We treat all the tenants fairly and try to maintain a good relationship with them so that they can pay their rent on time. We also offer them different payment methods so that each of them gets a suitable method. After collection, our agents deposit it to your account/s immediately.

5. Continuous checkups

We have a team of experts who conducts regular inspections to ensure your property is at good condition all the time. In case of any repair needs we inform you immediately and any other relevant information recorded on your online account. These checkups are also meant to ensure the tenants follow and practice all the lease agreements without breaking any of them.

6. Cheap maintenance

Maintenance is a necessity to any property whether a commercial or residential. With us, you don’t need to worry about the upkeep of your properties and go looking for a contractor. We will do all these for you as we have a team of experts who will do any repair at a pocket-friendly fee. Also, we have a good connection with reliable contractors and vendors ensuring that any maintenance is done professionally, cheaply and on time.

7. Thorough accounting

Our main aim is to make sure we maximize your incomes and minimize expenses, and this is why we use a comprehensive accounting system to track all your revenues. The system will include an accounting and reporting system with an addition of tax documentation and itemized statements. We keep all your financial information organized and protected from any unauthorized person. You can check all your financial information on your online account. All our clients are offered with a secure password that they can use to access their reports.

8. Full leasing process

We cover your full leasing process. Our process starts from advertising to tenant selection and then the actual leasing. We carry out all the contracts as required by the law and sign the contractual form with the involved tenant. After that everything will get done according to the legal agreements that were recorded. We don’t go any shortcut, and everything is done accordingly.

What services do Realty Dimensions provide?

Why is Realty Dimensions different from other agents?

We offer several services that make us unique from other property management services in Bakersfield. Following are the reasons why you should use us.

1. Cost-effective

While you are looking for the best agent to manage your property, you also need to go for the affordable one. Realty Dimensions services are very affordable and reasonable at the same time.

2. Return on Investment (ROI) measurements

Our work is to help you manage your portfolios, but still, you have the final say on decisions. What we do is to help you make informed decisions by measuring ROI for you. After getting details about your ROI, you

can now make better decisions that will keep you growing. 3. Secure online access

You don’t have to keep coming back to our offices for you to get information about your property. We have a very secure online communication system, and you will always get everything you need to know at the comfort of your home or office. You can travel to any part of the world and still keep in touch with your property.

4. Best tenants

We make sure you will get the best tenants that will keep your properties generating the best profits in the market. Our selection process is very comprehensive, and we will make sure everybody who lets in your property has good criminal records and credit history. We do the best screening to make sure we get the best tenants. This way you will easily comply with the law and get timely rent payments.

5. Best marketing to fill the vacancies

As said earlier marketing is critical, and this is what will determine if all the vacancies will get filled or not. We have a team of qualified marketers who understands Bakersfield, California well and they will make sure all the vacancies are filled out.

6. Latest technology

We use the latest technology to give accountability. All our systems including accounting systems are up to date ensuring there is transparency and accountability. We use great software that makes everything simple. Everything is displayed at your account, and you can check any time and confirm the credibility. We keep updated on the technology sector so that we can always remain at the top level.

7. Trustworthy

A real estate agent will get much of your confidential information, and you need someone who will not disclose you. Not all agents in Bakersfield, California can be trusted, and this is the reason you should choose Realty Dimensions as we are trustworthy. You will relax knowing your property is under proper management.

8. Commercial and residential property management

Unlike other players who will only specialize in residential or commercial properties only, we have specialized in both of them, and we will offer the best. If you have both residential and commercial properties as it is common with many property owners, we will get you covered. We offer property management in all dimensions, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose us.

9. Best owner reporting in the market

We will keep you updated about your property all the time. All communications are timely and relevant. What you need is to keep checking your online account as all the information will be communicated there.


Realty Dimensions is a trustworthy real estate agent in Bakersfield California that will help you to manage your property whether a commercial or residential one. Our services are professional and affordable giving you the best choice in the market. This is the right solution for your property management needs. Give us a

try and relax your mind while everything gets done for you.