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Our Team


Marti Lujan-Ruiz – Realtor

Direct Cell: (661) 808-4241
Office: (661) 833-0910
CalBRE Lic# 01727787

If you happen to be a Bakersfield resident, then you perfectly aware that this is one of the coolest places to live in the state of California. The real estate sector, in particular, has experienced numerous technological advancements in the recent past, making it possible for people to access new housing which is more reliable and convenient. It’s because of such factor and of course my passion in real estate management that I decided to become a realtor so that I can at least be the change that I want to see in Bakersfield. My primary objective is to provide outstanding real estate services and most importantly build a long-lasting relationship with my clients.

As one of the partner owners of Realty Dimensions, Inc., I’ve established the business based on three fundamental principles; diligence, work ethics and transparency. The last thing I want is to let my desire to maximize income interfere with the quality of my services. Besides, because I’m a proud resident of Bakersfield, I desire to see the real estate sector thrive and attract more investors. It’s with great humility that I wish to confirm to you that I’m a certified realtor and I’m here to provide you with any assistance that you may need in buying or selling a house, leasing of property, property management, and general real estate consultancy services preferably in Kern County and the counties nearby. You can reach me through the website, social media platforms or direct calls and I’ll get back to you almost instantly.


Stephanie Mazza – Broker

Direct Cell: (661) 578-0381
Office: (661) 833-0910
CalBRE Lic# 01971765

We all have our dreams, and it’s the desire of everybody out there to have such ideas become a reality. For me, my goal was always to become a successful real estate manager with a lot of influence in the market. Ideally, my desire has always been to be in a position of power that I can use to bring additional value to the real estate sector in Kern County. Luckily, eight years ago I got the opportunity to kickstart my career as a real estate agent finally. Later on, in 2013, my way become even more apparent when I acquired the license to operate as a certified real estate agent and then made the controller position, which I’m currently holding at Realty Dimensions where I’m also a partner owner.

One thing that I can tell you for a fact is that nothing comes from a silver platter; you have to work your way up and prepare for a lot of challenges along the way. I’m currently one of the most experienced real estate managers in Kern County. I’ve built a robust network of key players in the real estate sector that has become a factor that has made it easier for me to efficiently discharge my respective duties for the good of my esteemed clients. Thanks, to the Internet, it’s now more comfortable for my clients to access my services without necessarily traveling to my offices. Feel free to reach out, you can send me a message via the website, send an email or make a call, and I’ll be glad to serve you.

Aimee Bigby Jones

Aimee Bigby Jones – Realtor

Direct Cell: (661) 978-9570
Office: (661) 833-0910
CalBRE Lic #01304037

As a realtor who was born and brought up in the city of Bakersfield, I can confidently tell you that Bakersfield is not just a city to me but a home, which gives me great pride. Since I started my career as a real estate agent back in 2001, I’ve managed to work with hundreds of people both in the residential and commercial sectors, and I can confirm to you that we have amazing people in Bakersfield. These great people had played a significant role in my career development especially when I worked as Women’s Council of Realtors, and the Young Professionals Network (YPN) between 2012-2015 and their love and support has always been my driving force. Trust me; there is nothing more beautiful to a real estate agent like working in a place where you know like the palm of your hand, it not only makes your work easy but it also gives you the urge to put more effort so that you can make it a better place than you found it.

In my career experience as a real estate agent, I’ve grown to see the real estate sector in Bakersfield grow into one of the best cities for real estate investment. The growth in real estate investment has occurred partly because of the rapidly evolving technology and also the endless effort by the government that has made it easier for more investors to penetrate the market. Most importantly, I’ve also managed to develop as a realtor and acquired much experience in the process making it easier for me to serve my esteemed clients diligently. I’m very social and enjoy meeting new people and making new friends and business partners. Call me now, and I’ll be glad to be at your service. Thanks.

Sandra Lopez

Sandra Lopez – Realtor

Direct Cell: (661) 778-5172
Office: (661) 833-0910
CalBRE Lic #02020580

I’m a certified real estate agent who has been in the industry for some time now. Having worked with a good number of homeowners, I can confirm to you that the entire experience has been overwhelming and I’m very grateful for any individual who has played a role in my career development. However, one thing that I believe has been a great value in my experience as a realtor is the urge to give my clients nothing but the best. I think that my success is dependent on my clients succeeding and that why I focus more on not just meeting my clients’ expectation but also superseding them. It’s not easy, but it’s worth every effort.

Considering the rate at which the technology has been evolving the real estate sector has also generally grown which means that unlike in the past few decades, the homeowner now has the luxury of choosing from the full range of options. My primary objective, therefore, is to not only look for the best homes but also helping my client select the perfect one for their family needs. Apart from that, I use my negotiating skills to ensure that I land the best deal for my esteemed customers. In a nutshell, my client is my first boss which means that I would do anything in my power to make sure they get the best experience than never before, approach me today and thank me later!